Sinus Precautions

As oral surgeons, we tend to see the most difficult teeth cases. It is very likely that your upper wisdom teeth roots or upper molar roots were in or close to your sinuses. 

We ask you to take simple sinus precautions in order to prevent a hole from forming between the mouth and sinus.

For four (4) weeks:

  • Do not blow the nose. Wipe away any secretions from your nose with a soft tissue.

  • Do not use a straw

  • Do not suck on the site


  • Avoid strenous excercise 

  • Avoid activities that call for valsalva maneuvers such as swimming, diving, difficult bowel movements (pushing), lifting heavy weights, etc

Your sinuses, gums and socket site will heal themselves if these precautions are followed.

If in a few weeks after surgery you feel the liquid you drink comes through your nose, we can perform a closure of the site for you.

In the event you feel your sinuses become stuffy, please call 713-439-7575 for evaluation. It is important to finish your prescribed antibiotics and DO NOT SMOKE. STOP SMOKING. We may also recommend a medicated nasal spray.