Dental Implant Parts

Implant Body: The actual implant screw is made of titanium metal and able to flex slightly in order to maintain bone health.

Cover Screw: Flat silver metal cap that covers the implant top, usually covered by your gums. Used to temporarily seal implant from the mouth. (Used in two phase Implant surgery, also known as “buried”)

Healing Abutment: Tapered or Straight metal button that sticks out of your gums, used to shape your gums for hygiene purposes. (Used in one phase Implant surgery and will temporarily stay there for 4-6 months)

Final Abutment: Metal Core used to connect the Implant and the Crown. Custom final abutments can be made in various colors (multiple shades of zirconia, gold titanium, grey metal titanium & pink porcelain connection) to fit your needs.

Screw: In screw retained implants, connects the crown to the final abutment and implant

Temporary Cement: In cement retained implants, connects the crown to the final abutment.

Transfer coping: Temporarily snapped over your abutment to take a mold impression and removed when the impression tray is removed.

Analog: This abutment analog is snapped onto the transfer coping impression mold

Comfort Cap: Placed over your abutment while your crown is being made

Poured model:  Analog + Transfer coping impression is “poured” up in the lab to replicate your mouth and implant on a cast model. This is used to make a custom crown. Your crown should be in bite balance (occlusion), aesthetic and easy to clean.

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