Tooth Extractions

You, your dentist and Dr. Jason Hullett or Dr. Anu Hullett may determine that you need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

The removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and shifting teeth, which can have a major impact on your dental health.

To avoid these complications, in most cases, Drs. Jason Hullett or Anu Hullett will discuss alternatives to extractions as well as replacement of the extracted tooth.

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The Extraction Process

At the time of extraction the doctor will need to numb your tooth, jaw bone and gums that surround the area with a local anesthetic.

During the extraction process you will feel pressure. This is from the process of firmly rocking the tooth in order to loosen the ligaments that attach to root to your bone socket.

You feel the pressure without pain as the anesthetic has temporarily numbed the nerves stopping the transference of pain, yet the nerves that transmit pressure are not profoundly affected.

Pain during the procedure is not acceptable to us and if you experience pain, let us know so that we may relieve it.

Sectioning a tooth

Some teeth require sectioning. This is a common technique used when a tooth is so firmly anchored in its socket or the root is curved and the socket cannot expand enough to remove it. The doctor simply cuts the tooth into sections then removes each section one at a time. This is a painless procedure.

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Great service for extracting some of my trouble teeth. The doctor was concerned for my diet and I appreciated the nurse's recommendations, it was real food! Thanks Dr. Hullet you made this visit easy on me.

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