The success of your treatment is dependent on teamwork effort.

Please make sure to bring your loved one who helps you make your decisions, plans your schedules and helps you with your finances. We can efficiently carry out your treatment with the help of your supporters.

As your oral surgeon, we provide you the highest quality of care using the best quality materials, simple, clean techniques, and the most advanced, efficient technology.

The dentists that we work with also follow the same philosophy to serve excellent quality care using evidence based practice.

Equally, we rely on you for a successful outcome.

  • We ask you to be truthful in medical history and medications/recreational drugs taken. With this information, we can provide proper care and make you comfortable.
  • We ask you to adhere to simple pre and post-operative instructions such as having a good oral hygiene routine, not spitting or playing with the surgical site, avoid smoking, and keeping dental check-ups.
  • Keeping your oral cavity clean creates an environment where your implant will strongly connect to your bone and your extraction sites heal without infection.

Being non-compliant or the inability to stick to a recommended routine is a very costly burden on the US Healthcare system and contributes to failure of treatment. Who seeks failure? What motivates us is knowing we have contributed to your good health. What motivates you? One of the best things to do is to visit your dental hygienist for simple and effective instruction on how to care for your teeth and implants. Visiting your dentist will help prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. Dr’s Hullett & Team will help motivate you and your care-taker towards having a healthy oral cavity — the entryway of all health.