Meet Our Senior Team

Our friendly surgical team at Southwest Oral & Implant Surgery are experienced, certified oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants, who assist in surgery and  monitoring the patient during sedation. In addition to Nitrous Oxide Certification, they have the distinction of successfully completing DAANCE, the Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certifying Examination supported by AAOMS.

All members are informed administrative personnel, well versed in health and insurance policies, and are CPR certified.

As a team, we take continued education courses relevant to the advances made in dentistry, insurance/coding, and patient care. Team members are given lecture series assignments to keep us up-to-date on HIPPA, OSHA, Radiation, Claims, and surgical topics such as Implants, Blood clotting, Anatomy, Anesthesia/Airway and Emergency Training.

Please feel free to ask questions and let us take care of your needs.

Office Manager/HIPPA & Financial Officer – Kacey 

My name is Kacey and I have been in the dental field for 24 years. I have a wealth of experience in both clinical and administrative skills, including patient finance, dental insurance and treatment coordination. What I wish for our patients are kind, ethical treatment and a pleasant experience. In order to make your visit smooth, I am ready and willing to answer any questions regarding treatment, insurance or financing. I work closely with both Drs. Hullett to ensure our office is up to date and correct information is delivered to our team, and our team includes you!

In my spare time, I find much joy in volunteering, and antique shopping.

Front Office Associate/Scheduling Coordinator -Melissa

My name is Melissa and I have been in the dental field for almost 20 years. I have enjoyed every bit of it! To me, giving customer service to our patients means going above and beyond what they expect from us. It makes me happy to speak to patients on the phone and happier to see them in person. Treating people with dignity and respect is very important to me, as well as ensuring a positive experience for the patient and their family.

In my spare time, I enjoy bowling, crocheting and spending as much time as I can with my wonderful family.

Surgical Assistant/Implant Coordinator-Hailey

My name is Hailey and have been an RDA/Surgical Dental Assistant for 3 years right here with Drs Hullett. My greatest joy is helping people and treating them with dignity and respect.  I love speaking with our patients and helping them relax.  Procedures I enjoy  best are implant placement and bone grafting. I assist Dr. Hullett in coordination of care and help to make sure everything goes smoothly.  It is my wish for our patients to gain knowledge about their options and leave feeling like they have had the best experience.

In my spare time I love to watch movies, play sports and riding my motorcycle.

Surgical Assistant/OSHA Officer- Karla

My name is Karla and I have been a RDA/Surgical Dental Assistant for 15 years. I have a very soothing personality and am always willing to explain a procedure to you. Any questions, please feel free to ask! Patient satisfaction with their care is very important to me and I am always willing to help them in their time of need. I give my patient all of my attention to make them feel safe and comfortable during their time with us. Drs. Hullett give a family feel to our environment and I am happy to contribute.

In my spare time, I love reading novels, going to the movies, taking my children to the park and spending time with my family.